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7 feb. 2012

Fan project [English version]

Greetings Gazefans!

As you know, we are realizing a fan project for celebrate the next anniversary of the guys.
The convocatory has closed.
But, much people that can't send their photography, cosplay and/or fanart, we going to give you more days, because we want that all participate!
Important: this is for the fans of all the world, don't care what country you live. If you can't send your participation for lack of time
or because your country don't participate, you have only this week for can do it.

February, 13th is the last day that we can receive your aportation. After of that day, we don't acept anything.

1.1 You should send a picture of yourself where do you show a poster with the leyend:"Happy 10th anniversary!"
1.2 You should send a fanart of the band, it's prohibited the draws with sexual or yaoi character.
1.3 If you do cosplay of the GazettE also can send a picture, that can be individual or in group.  it's prohibited the pictures with sexual or yaoi character.
> Include the name or nick name and country.

send me a mail:
 The image must be in a Word document.


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